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Pelagic Color Fishing Company

Local Business Review

With Pelagic Color, you and up to five guests will experience bespoke personalized service while rushing at top speeds to the best fishing locations in the Gulf. Their trips are all inclusive, with food, beverages, and top of the line equipment. Their delightful and highly competent Captains and service crew will provide you with the best experiences.

From the time I booked the trip with Noah to the trip with Capt. Marty and the mates Rudy and Raina……. Everything was done in first class. You can’t have a better trip! I fish every other wknd on my 32 Regulator, but these people were great and the fishing gears were first class. We had a fantastic time with the crew and we caught a “sick” number of fish. It is one of the best fishing charter we went on in our life time. Don’t wait and don’t let the price fool u! It is all inclusive with food, charter, fish cleaning and tip. It just doesn’t get better than this…! The quads on this 42 Yellowfin ain’t to shabby either

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