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Veronica Fish and Oyster

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Local Business Review

Veronica Fish and Oyster located in downtown has a great selection of oysters and seafood that will remind you of fish and oyster bars from the North. They offer a full service bar and a great place for dining for locals and visitors coming to Sarasota.

We always love Veronica's--food, ambience, staff, marvelous fellow diners--but tonight, first time back in a while, I saw items returned to the menu after a year off. DELIGHT! They'd added a number of amazing new dishes (like the Early Bird Fried Chicken, which I enjoyed two nights ago), but the Chicken Milanese came back after a year on hiatus, and I was ready for a ticker-tape parade. We were so happy to be served by Rebecca, who made us feel so at home (impromptu visit, we were happy to eat at the bar and found it delightful). Knowledgeable, witty, and attentive, Rebecca was memorable. Thank you for a lovely evening!

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